Friends and Supporters



Until May 26th 2017, Alex had his older brother to follow, respect, learn from, share with, adore, and (occasionally) argue with on every day of his life. The plans that Simon and Alex shared were always bold and achievable and it is to Alex’s eternal credit that pragmatic, calm realism has enabled C.A.R. to take place. Even when the dark hours of bereavement feel crippling Alex has been there for his brother and father.



Simon was famous for researching facts and expert opinion on just about everything he ever purchased or used in his professional and home lives. When it came to bike ‘lids’; Si knew… His original Caberg is at home with Adrian, Si’s father, who took Simon’s advice and bought a Caberg Duke in 2015 to replace his BMW helmet. As the two-brothers and Dad Arctic bike ride became C.A.R., Caberg were with us, all the way. The team is every bit as great as the lids themselves.



Thanks to the indomitable Billy Ward, C.A.R. met Charley Boorman – one of Simon’s all-time heroes. Charley’s understanding and willingness to support was both immediate and impactive. Charley made the Rideaway from The Bike Shed possible and he and Billy Ward will be huge allies in C.A.R.’s mission to make UK roads increasingly and consistently safer.



Simon’s passion for Field Archery started with his introduction to Tony Weston, who later became founder and proprietor of The Archery Company. DS Archery is the production and development arm of TAC, and their fletching glue, bow stabilisers – and more, have become the choice of champions. DS? Dragon Spit…an ancient and hazardous adhesive to gather in sufficient quantity. Ask Tony.



Having worked with Adrian for many years to provide creative website design and support, FAT were the obvious choice to develop the Caddy’s Arctic Ride website! Based in East Sussex but providing businesses, individual clients and multi-layered organisations all over the world with dedicated, personable and accessible expertise in website design and building, FAT were honoured to be tasked with creating a website and supporting social media pages and posts to honour Simon and our fellow bikers.



Simon’s Triumph Tiger 1050 ABS was taken to Thames Valley Police’s vehicle compound in Taplow after the fatal collision in May 2017. Adrian’s intention to use his BMW R1200GS, MoT’d and prepared by HMC, for the original Arctic trip changed when Triumph Motorcycles joined C.A.R. Si’s Tiger will be checked, adjusted, serviced and MoT’d by Hastings Motorcycle Centre (a genuine family business of motorcycle experts) before heading to Scandinavia with the other four Triumphs.



Hood Jeans are a UK company with deep rooted understanding of denim, and motorcycle clothing demands in all conditions. The five C.A.R. riders will be wearing the latest K7 Infinity range from Hood; probably the best biking jeans in the long-distance riding world…



Simon helped out at the Game & Country Fairs run by LHE when Adrian’s business (Adrian Caddy Archery) became the resident provider of multi-faceted Archery have-a-go events and ranges. Simon would always make personal or professional time available to Living Heritage. All of their Shows and Fairs are superb.



When the Brothers Caddy were 15 and 12, their father took them to see Mugenkyo perform at The Swan Theatre in High Wycombe. We chatted with them after the awesome concert because the boys were delighted by what they saw and heard. In May 2018, Adrian saw them again and broke the tragic news about Simon. Typical of the Artists that they are – they have agreed to provide part of the soundtrack to C.A.R.’s film for UK and International TV distribution, with an extended version available from the C.A.R. website in due course. Along with the book…



Kate Davis is one of Simon’s most revered people, ever. Kate is the founder and 7-day/week devotee to the birds of prey in her care at Raptors of the Rockies in Montana. Si adored every minute of the time he spent there. In the week he died, Kate was granted official custody of a stunning (and huge) Great Horned Owl fledgeling – so she named him Simon. RotR became 30 in April 2018 – Simon would have done similar in January…



Simon’s colleagues, employer and passion. Because of the great bond within his chosen, and hard-grafting profession, Simon grew into a truly wonderful, wise and dedicated defender of all that is right and proper. With TVP, Simon was a protector of HM The Queen, President Obama of the USA, Wildlife under threat, and so much more. TVP will be missing Simon as much as his ‘off-duty’ Family and for similar reasons. Simon will forever be irreplaceable and his colleagues will ensure he stays admired and unforgettable too.



Tony Weston is to Archery what Kate Davis is to Raptors. Si learned everything he knew about bow technique and the unbridled enjoyment of Field Archery and all of its magical kit thanks to The Archery Company, its suppliers, clients, shooting friends and customers on both sides of The Atlantic… Tony is also in charge of the 3DAUK Field Archery series of 5 UK tournaments. Simon’s memorial service took place on day 1 of the June 2017 event, so Tony has named it “The Simon Caddy Classic” for every year since.



Simon never sampled the hospitality, comforts and motorcycling history and delights of this very special place. Co-founded by Charley Boorman and friends it has an atmosphere, a charm, a unique structure – and enough food and drink even for Simon and his brother… C.A.R.’s thanks to Charley, Billy Ward, Jane Wicks, Mabel Smith and colleagues knows no bounds. Our Arctic journey starts and closes with The Bike Shed.



Another group of Archery friends Simon met at the Archery Trade Association Show in America, TopHat of Germany are perfectionists when it comes to arrow furniture (points, inserts etc.). Kindred spirits and, like The Archery Company, above and beyond generous in supporting C.A.R. in Simon’s honour and memory.



If C.A.R. had a £ for every time Simon watched Long Way Round and Long Way Down, we’d buy a new, fully-equipped Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer…each. From the very first conversation about C.A.R. and its importance, Triumph have been attentive, helpful, cooperative, communicative, unbelievably generous – all whilst building the machines that impressed and delighted Simon like no other.

C.A.R. will consist of 5 Triumph Motorcycles – 4 new models from The Factory, and Simon’s own Tiger 1050 from 2010 with his Dad riding. Our appreciation of Triumph knows no bounds. Simon would be thrilled, proud and deeply moved.

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