Simon’s American Archery Family

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Axcel Sights / T.R.U. Ball Release Aids
Based in Virginia USA, Axcel Sights / T.R.U. Ball Release Aids – Based in Virginia USA, the owners of these two Championship standard Archery brands are a delightful Family business. Their factory was always one of Simon’s favourite places to visit and admire, whilst marvelling at the quality of the machining processes that give Axcel and T.R.U. Ball their unrivalled reputations. They designed this unique tribute to Simon especially for the C.A.R. website.


Hoyt Bows
The world’s most famous bow-maker, and builder of the huge draw-length carbon fibre white Spyder Simon adored. Hoyt opened their doors to Simon, Alex and Adrian in 2001 during a road trip to Montana – and have been loyal, dear friends ever since. Hoyt saw Simon and Alex grow from fidgety schoolboy guests in their boardroom, to accomplished Field Archers. Simon’s precious Spyder has now been slightly adjusted to fit the equally giant framed Alex. The Hoyt-Caddy relationship lives on… More news, very soon.

Rinehart 3D Targets
For many years now, Rinehart have been the manufacturer of the finest 3D Archery targets on the planet. Rinehart’s Janesville Wisconsin location fascinated and charmed Simon and Alex as they honed their bow-shooting skills to take on every lifeless, heavy foam polymer beastie in the catalogue. As with everybody in Simon’s American Archery Family, the Rinehart-McGoverns, the Hoyt Folk and The Summers Family have been as supportive as anyone can possibly be. Little wonder that Simon adored them all with the same deep fondness with which they remember him.

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