Welcome to Caddy’s Arctic Ride

Simon Caddy was a Police Class 1 Traffic Officer with Thames Valley Police and a giant of gentle charm. Simon was 6 feet 7 inches tall and a highly accomplished motorcyclist, advanced (Class 1) driver, archer and a pillar of the community he served so conscientiously as a Police Officer. Simon was tragically killed on the 26th May 2017, a matter under investigation prior to legal procedures concluding in June 2018.

Simon, with his father Adrian and brother Alex, planned a tour to the Arctic of Sweden and Finland to celebrate ‘Midsommar’, June 2018 – with he and Adrian on their bikes and Alex driving a support vehicle.

Simon would have been 30 and the trip would mark 35 years since his Dad’s Arctic trip by BMW flat-twin motorcycle in 1983.

Thanks to Simon’s colleagues, family and friends – the trip will take place, but now in Simon’s honour. C.A.R., a group of 5 experienced riders will leave The Bike Shed for Harwich on June 15th, 2018 and head north through Holland, Germany into Denmark.

Simon would have enjoyed every minute of the planning and the journey with the radiance and joy that was so typical of him.

C.A.R’s mission is twofold. One, to celebrate and enjoy Si’s adventure and great life,  and two, bring urgently needed awareness of ALL bikes on ALL roads, everywhere.

C.A.R. – making RTCs extinct.


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